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Best Quality Cloves

Available Weight:- 500 gm | 1000 gm

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About Cloves

We call Cloves, “All in one health Supplement”, India is also known as the land of spices, we are one of the biggest importers as well as exporters of spices. South India produce Cloves which have the beautiful texture and aroma.

Cloves have various health benefits such as:

-Helps in digestion
-Fighting against cancer
-Protecting the liver
-Boosting the immune system
-Controlling diabetes
-Preserving bone quality etc

If we talk about Veda, they use cloves in dental, wound cleaning, coughing, cold, and keeping body warm.

It is being used by Rishi munni’s and have mentioned in there holy book regarding the use of Cloves. Since ancient time to our modern kitchens we are using cloves as garnishing food to give it a yummy taste and smell and as a herb to improve our immune system.


500gm, 1000gm


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